Boho scarf styles that you can sport

A scarf may be one little piece of cloth, but it can play up your look in unimaginable ways. You can wear them with a simple outfit and instantly highlight the entire look. They add an extra amount of grace that is not achievable with any jewelry. If the weather is cold, you can substitute them for a shawl or a muffler and stay chic throughout. Either way, scarves are very much inexpensive, flexible and therefore an essential component to every wardrobe. Stock up on printed/non-printed scarves and they will add versatility to you wardrobe all year round. Here are some super fashionable ways to sport a boho scarf and to dress up your bohemian style clothing.

Wear it as a necklace

This is the simplest way to wear a scarf.  If you are not very interested in using busy jewelry, you can simply take a scarf and tie it around your neck. This way, you will also not have to keep on readjusting it throughout the day. Lightweight scarves of thin width are the best for this. Fold the scarf, tie it at the back and let it fall over your neckline. If you are wearing it with a boho cardigan, wear shorter lengths in fabrics such as silk and chiffon. Printed ones are always better for this look than the non-printed ones.

Wear it as a headwrap

This is another interesting way to wear a scarf. Take a short cotton scarf and wrap it around your head for a strong boho-influenced look. You can try out different wraps, for eg, as a bandana, as a turban and so on. If you want an affluent feminine touch, keep them low over your forehead while letting your hair loose.  When you are wearing a scarf as a headband, choose fabrics with a firm hold to prevent slipping.

Wear them in a casual style

This is the most popular way of wearing a scarf. Choose the one that you feel is uplifting for your look and just wrap it around your neck. You can make a single or double turn around your neck depending on the thickness you want. You can let both the free ends dangle at the front or let one fall at the front and one at the back. This look can be worn with jeans and dresses alike.

Layer with a necklace

Wearing both a necklace and a scarf can get a bit tricky. To make sure that you do not look over cluttered, it is important to maintain a balance between the two. If you are wearing a statement neckpiece, let the scarf hang lower so as to create enough space for the necklace. If you are wearing the scarf itself as a necklace, wear a long chain necklace,  that drops down to the chest.

Wear as a sarong


This is for the beach look. Choose a thin fabric such as chiffon and wrap it around the waist to create a cover up from the bikini bottom. If you are wearing a solid colored bikini, wear a solid scarf, if you are wearing a printed bikini, wear a printed scarf. Florals, tribal prints and paisley prints will look better.

Create a dramatic look

Take a long scarf and wrap it around in such a way so that it takes up elaborate space in the front, creating soft ruffles. Wear a plain top so that your getup does not look too overwhelming. In this case, the scarf itself will work as a top, so you can go for interesting, elaborate prints without a cringe.

Tie it over your bag


Take a small square shaped scarf and tie it to one of your bag handles. This will add a glamorous touch to your look. You can also use the knot for holding your sunglasses, which will look even cooler, perfect for summer.